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Bring your own wallets.

Enjoy the ease of having a single view of your funds across all wallet types, including multi-sig wallets, exchanges and custodians.
View your assets all in one place with Headquarters
View your assets all in one place with Headquarters

Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

We hear you! It is common for Web3 teams to have transactions in stablecoins or fiat, and from multiple wallets. Automatically track your transactions across different wallets all in one dashboard. Add attachments and label your transactions for quicker book-keeping.
Book-keep with Headquarters
Book-keep with Headquarters

Be a good paymaster, effortlessly.

Whether it is to make a single or bulk transfer, use our payment function to make payments easily.
⚠️ You're always in control of your own funds.
Make Payments with Headquarters

Operations at its finest, through automation.

Improve your financial operations by integrating tools you are already familiar with across accounting, payroll, invoicing and expense management.