Bookkeeping of Transactions

Headquarters (HQ.xyz) offers a comprehensive suite of book-keeping tools that allow you to manage all your on-chain transactions in one place.

Import your wallet to start

Before you can start using Headquarters' (HQ.xyz) book-keeping feature, you will have to first import your wallet or Safe. Find out how you can import your wallet in the link below:

Start tagging your transactions

Do you have to manually categorise your transactions? Headquarters (HQ.xyz) allows you to easily categorise your transactions, making it simple to keep track of your expenses and income. With just a few clicks, you can assign tags to each transaction, making it easy to see where your money is going.
Tagging your Transactions

Customising your categories

Headquarters (HQ.xyz) also allows you to customise your categories. You can tailor your categories to your specific needs.
Customising your categories

Add a Contact

Easily add your contact into our address book for easy payments and bookkeeping in future!
Adding a Contact

Filing your taxes? We've got you covered!

Find out how you can track the purchase, sale, and cost basis of your cryptocurrency assets for tax purposes with Headquarters (HQ.xyz).