Bookkeeping of Transactions

Headquarters (HQ.xyz) offers a comprehensive suite of book-keeping tools that allow you to manage all your on-chain transactions in one place.
Here's a step-by-step guide on how Headquarters can help in your accounting and bookkeeping workflow:

Import your wallet to start

Before you can start using Headquarters' (HQ.xyz) book-keeping feature, you will have to first import your wallet or Safe. Find out how you can import your wallet in the link below:

Start Mapping your Transactions

Streamline your accounting and bookkeeping by mapping all your crypto transactions directly in the HQ Dashboard. Minimise errors and manual entries when you automate the process with our Account Rules Automation.

Track Realised Gains and Losses for your Transactions

Still using excel to track your realised gains and losses? Get rid of tedious manual calculations and get immediate insight in your HQ Dashboard.

Add a Contact

Easily add your contact into our address book for easy payments and bookkeeping in future!

Filing your taxes? We've got you covered!

Find out how you can track the purchase, sale, and cost basis of your cryptocurrency assets for tax purposes with Headquarters (HQ.xyz).

Seamlessly Export Transaction Data for Financial Reporting

Quickly export transaction data to CSV or preferred accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks Online for easy reconciliation.