Organisation Settings

Don’t settle for less when it comes to crypto accounting. Get a personalised experience with the HQ Dashboard when you select your Country, Currency, Time Zone, and Cost Basis Calculation Method.

Organisational Information

Learn how to customise your Organisation Name within your HQ Dashboard.
  • Navigate to your “Org Settings” page
  • Select the “Organisation Information” tab
  • Select the field beside “Organisation Name” and update it with your preferred name
  • Select “Save Changes” on the bottom right
  • Confirm your change by selecting “Yes, Save” on the pop-up shown

Customising Reporting Preferences

Ensure consistency across all your financial ledgers when using the HQ Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the “Org Settings” Page
  • Select the “Reporting Preferences tab”
  • Use our drop down, or type in your preferred option for:
    • Country
    • Currency
    • Time Zone
    • Cost Basis Calculation Method
  • Once done, select “Save Changes” on the bottom right
  • Confirm your changes by selecting “Change Currency” on the pop-up shown
Adjusting reporting preferences requires some time to sync.
While we’re working on that, feel free to check out our other guides:
Using WACC or another Cost Basis Calculation Method? Feel free to contact our team for assistance here: