🗂️Chart of Accounts

Still manually assigning your Web3 Chart of Accounts (COA)? Headquarters is designed to fit seamlessly into your accounting workflow with our personalised COAs.

Use our automated account rules to effortlessly map gas fees, realised gains and losses, and more for easy reconciliation.

Create or Import your Chart of Accounts

Use our default Chart of Accounts, import an existing COA, or create customised Accounts for your business.

Create custom Account Rules

HQ Concierge: Full Support for Your Financials

We provide managed accounting services to handle your end-to-end financial reporting needs, while leveraging our intelligent software to provide you with the real-time data you need.

Our services are designed for Web3 teams. Book an introduction call with our Concierge expert below.

(If there are no convenient time slots, feel free to email sean@hq.xyz or send a Telegram message at @seantankg and we will be able to get back to you.)

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