HQ Dashboard

The HQ Dashboard aggregates on-chain data across multiple wallets and networks, enabling teams to create a sub-ledger of their on-chain transactions.
Import your existing Chart of Accounts and bring your own EOA or Safe wallets, and enjoy simplified transaction tracking - all from one unified dashboard.
Seamlessly combine this data with your main ledger through our integrations with preferred accounting software including Xero and QuickBooks Online.
Whether you’re a Web3 native or new to crypto, the HQ Dashboard is designed to integrate with, and not disrupt your existing accounting workflow. Built with accurate and reliable data, it empowers teams by reducing manual entry and giving back countless hours so they can focus on the projects they love.
Retain full control over your assets, and streamline your accounting workflow today with Headquarters.
Here’s a sneak peek of how the HQ Dashboard empowers crypto accounting for your business 👇

Aggregated Overview of Wallets

Simply import your EOA, MPC, or Safe wallets into headquarters and get a detailed history of your entire treasury. Group wallets for specialised operations, or use our wide range of filters including transaction and asset types, date range, and transaction value to find specific transactions.
Personalise your currency, location, and date with the HQ Dashboard’s customised reporting preferences.

Multi-Chain Overview

Have wallets on multiple blockchains? Track treasury operations across multiple blockchains and including Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), BNB Chain, and Arbitrum with the HQ Dashboard. With support for thousands of tokens across these blockchains and more coming soon, the HQ Dashboard is perfect for all teams in Web3.
Need support for another blockchain or a specific token?

Smart Categorisation of Chart of Accounts

Your HQ Dashboard comes with a default Chart of Accounts that includes standard accounting codes such as Sales, Transaction fees, and Other Income.
Already have an existing Chart of Accounts? Import it directly into Headquarters with a simple drag-and-drop, or create new accounts right in your HQ Dashboard.
The HQ Dashboard’s smart categorisation also automatically maps gas fees, realised gains and losses, and rounding errors to pre-selected accounts. Seamlessly merge this data with your main ledger using our seamless integrations with preferred accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks online.

Advanced Token Payments

Tired of the hassle that comes with regular crypto payments? Execute mass token payments directly from your HQ Dashboard in a few simple steps and save countless hours each month.
Furthermore, you can streamline token payments by saving contacts directly to your dashboard and adding personalised notes for each transaction.
Making payments as an organisation? Use our Draft Transactions to create, edit and oversee payment drafts for improved visibility and flexibility.

Top Assets

Receive a comprehensive snapshot of your treasury, including asset allocation and portfolio changes for your top assets. For a detailed breakdown of all assets and their respective tax lots, simply click the “View All” button.