Importing Chart of Accounts from Xero

Already have an existing Chart of Accounts in Xero? Import your COA directly into your HQ Dashboard for easy reconciliation

  • Export your existing COA from Xero

  • Format it to only include Code, Name, Type, and Description. An example template can be found HERE

  • Navigate to your HQ Dashboard's Chart of Accounts Page

  • Select the β€œAdd New” button at the top right of the page and select β€œImport.CSV”

  • Select the β€œCreate” button

  • Choose to import the entire list, or select individual Accounts. Then, confirm your selection

  • The new Accounts will now show in your Chart of Accounts list and can be searched for by Name or Code

πŸ’‘ HQ Tip: Importing a custom Chart of Account will remove your current list to prevent duplicate accounts. Ensure your CSV contains your full COA before importing.

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