Collaborate with Your Team

Collaborating with your team to sort out your accounts has never been easier. Headquarters (HQ.xyz) allows you to streamline your finance workflow within your organisation.

Invite your team members

HQ tip: Get your team members onboard and streamline your processes together!
How to Invite a Team Member into HQ
As an Owner
As the owner of the organisation you've created, you have the following permissions:
✅ Import, edit and delete wallets
✅ Create, approve and reject transactions
✅ Book-keeping of transactions
✅ Invite team members
✅ Assign roles to your team members
✅ View and update account details
✅ Archive accounts that are no longer in used
As an Admin
As an admin of the organisation you've been invited to, you have the following permissions:
✅ View the wallets that were imported
✅ Create transactions,
✅ Approve transactions (Only if you're an approver)
✅ Book-keeping of transactions
✅ View account details
As an Employee [Coming Soon]
We are always building at Headquarters (HQ.xyz). More roles are coming soon!