Collaborate with Your Team

Collaborating with your team to sort out your accounts has never been easier. Headquarters (HQ.xyz) allows you to streamline your finance workflow within your organisation.

Inviting team members

  • Navigate to the Members page and select “Invite a member”
  • Fill in their details and role.
  • Select a sign-up preference. For most organisations, we recommend signing up via “Email”
  • Enter their email address
  • Welcome them with a message and select “Create Invitation”
  • Copy the invitation and send it to your team member
Member invitations are valid for 3 days due to security reasons. If an invite link has expired, simply cancel it and create a new one

Accepting an invite

  • Navigate to the given invite link
  • Select "Join Organisation"
  • You have now been added to your organisation's HQ Dashboard

Deactivating a member

  • On the "Members" page, locate the Member you wish to deactivate
  • Select the “deactivate” button under the “actions” column
  • Confirm this action by selecting the “Yes, Deactivate” button
  • Once confirmed, the respective member will be moved to the “Deactivated” tab, where you can Reactive them if needed