Headquarters (HQ.xyz)

Welcome to Headquarters
We are a one-stop finance dashboard for Web3 teams to perform bookkeeping and transfers of tokens. Say goodbye to using spreadsheets to track multiple wallets and transaction records.

What can we help you with?

  • Gain total visibility across wallets:
    Aggregate both self-custodised and CeFi Wallets. Enjoy the ease of having a single view of your funds across self-custodised wallets, multi-sig safes, exchanges, and custodians.
  • Convert your on-chain transaction records into financial reports
    Have one dashboard to view, filter, and categories your transactions to accounting standards. With HQ, you can now have one central place to add notes, attachments, and tag every transaction for better bookkeeping.
  • Easy integration into Accounting software:
    Use HQ to easily export your transaction records to CSV formats compatible with common accounting tools such as Xero and Quickbooks. Wallets supported include Metamask and Gnosis Safe.
  • Tiered controls for team collaboration:
    Set access rights and transfer limits for your team. As your project grows and the team scales, financial governance becomes necessary. Assign the right access rights and transfer limits for every team member.

How do we help you?

The services that we offer can be split into two main categories:
  1. 1.
    HQ Teams:
    The one dashboard to get visibility and control over your team’s on-chain finances.
  2. 2.
    HQ Mini-Apps:
    • HQ MultiSend - Make a single or bulk token transfer to others. Metamask and Gnosis Safe wallets are supported.
    • HQ MultiSend (SDK) - Integrate our SDK to make a payout directly from your app instead.
    • HQ Payment Link - Wish to receive payments in crypto? Create a payment request and send a link to your payer. Simply add the Payment Link to an invoice (Xero, Quickbooks), or copy the link into your texts (Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp)
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